25hours x Aktion Baum

Behind Aktion Baum stands a motivated team which utilises experience and knowledge from the worlds of science and industry to provide efficient, sustainable solutions for healthy woodlands and to tackle climate change. Their mission: to pave the way for sustainable, efficient tree planting projects and to nurture healthy woodlands. The charitable organisation does not make any profits from its work. An annual transparency report guarantees that every tree donated is in fact planted. 

In the course of their daily work, they focus on four fields of activity: research, their own value chain, planting trees, and education & information. 

Not every tree is suited to every location, and not every plot can be effectively converted into woodland. In order to ensure the optimal solution, the team at Aktion Baum gGmbH works closely with leading scientists and tree experts. The aim of their Heimat.Wald concept is to create the woodland of the future with the greatest possible degree of biodiversity and in harmony with humans and the environment. 

Planting regional, diverse woodlands in Germany and Europe is expensive. The team is working with politicians and the private sector to create a not-for-profit tree planting industry to benefit all.

A Forest Day for businesses, a ‘planting driving licence’ for primary school children and supporting projects for sixth form students are initiatives intended to enable more people to experience woodlands and to introduce them, both in theory and in practice, into nurseries, schools and businesses. In this way, the medium and long-term success of the tree planting projects is secured in accordance with the motto: “Only those who experience woodlands can learn to love and protect them.”

25hours has supported Aktion Baum’s tree planting projects in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2022. Guests who forgo room cleaning while staying at a 25hours hotel can actively help the projects to succeed. 

Planted until now

63,283 Trees

As of: February 2024


Further donations directly via Aktion Baum are most welcome.

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