Between the Strings

For Grandbrother, Lukas Vogel and Erol Sarp, the sound spectrum of the grand piano is not limited to its chords.

Spaces of Transition

People in hotels are a peculiar species — and have inspired artists to soaring flights of creativity, as our columnist Rainer Moritz recounts

Spotlight On women

Talented women all over the world are joining forces in increasing numbers to combat the patriarchy through the synergy of their networks. One of these young communities is Clam Club.

A Man and the Sea

A love of the sea made Nikolaus Gelpke into a publisher. He found his calling in life working on Mare in Hamburg.


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24. Apr. 2019 | 8pm - 25. Apr. 2019 | 1am


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Thirsty Thursday

25. Apr. 2019 | 7pm - 26. Apr. 2019 | 1am


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Michèle Amstutz / Resident DJ Cinchona Bar

26. Apr. 2019 | 7.30pm - 27. Apr. 2019 | 1.30am

Cinchona Bar, Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zurich



Nepal Water Project

25hours hotels support Viva con Agua WASH projects (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene). A part of each online booking on goes towards supporting projects in Nepal.

748 million people around the world have no access to clean drinking water; more than 2.5 billion people have no adequate basic sanitation facilites at their disposal. These figures moved former FC St. Pauli footballer Benjamin Adrion that, in 2006, he founded the association Viva con Agua. In collaboration with Welthungerhilfe, his association campaigns for the implementation of various international water projects.

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Long Live München

Barbara Vinken loves Munich. Twelve years ago, Germany’s most elegant academic moved to the Bavarian capital.

Long Live München

Okwui Enwezor is one of the most influential contemporary curators


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The Good Bag by canvasco

canvasco shows how to upcycle.

Ultimate Ears

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Evoking Emotions

COMPANION invited Nadja Schildknecht, co-founder and co-director of the Zurich Film Festival, to compile a playlist of her favorite famous movie soundtracks.


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Sight Running

Explore the city by running.

The Sound of Wine

Two guys, two bottles, two playlists.


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Petit Paris

In all its sophistication, Paris often feels very grown up. But the pleasures it holds for pint-sized bon vivants are manifold, if you know where to look. Xavi Vega, general manager of the new 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord and father of two-year-old Sofia, helped us plot out the city's treasures for les petits. The Catalan-born Francophile first moved to Paris in 2009, and returned in 2016, after a short intermezzo in Madrid. Together with his wife, he delights in raising his daughter amidst the culture, cuisine, intellectual rigour, and simple pleasures the city so elegantly embraces. Here are his secrets to sharing the Parisian art de vivre with your little ones on a weekend in and around Paris.

FREITAG - The Slow Entrepreneurs

A conversation about values, goals, happiness and patience.


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Superbude Hotels & Hostels

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