Live at 25

At LIVE at 25, the series of pop-culture events at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, young artists of different disciplines meet each other every month.

Street theatre meets dance, poetry slam meets indie bands, verse meets stand-up comedy. Always different, always new, but always authentically Berlin. This time Tanasgol Sabbagh meets the singer song writer FINS.

Tanasgol Sabbagh is SpokenWord poetess who has been appearing on poetry slam stages across the entire German-speaking world since 2014. She belongs to the stage reading groups ‘Lesebühnen Parallelgesellschaft’ in Berlin and ‘Sanfte Eskalation’ in Leipzig.

Popmusic with a twist. Just as the smokers’ group in the doorway was complaining about exorbitant flat rents in Friedrichshain FINS let their imagination flit back to 1985, to a time when Prefab Sprout posed on an old Triumph motorbike for their album Steve McQueen.

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