Live im 25 // Ronja von Rönne & Jackson Dyer

Every month, Live im 25, the pop culture event series at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, brings together young artists from a wide variety of disciplines. Street theater meets dance, poetry slam with a twist of indieband, poetry stand up comedy. We like to keep it different and very Berlin.

Jackson Dyer

Shooting coolly from the hip - that's what Jackson Dyer is superb at. Whenever the native Australian performs his short indie odes, you just can't help chilling out with him. The likes of artists such as Hozier and Mighty Oaks have already noticed that this Berliner-by-choice is packing the superpower to relax anyone and anything, and have booked this highly celebrated performer to support their tour. But one thing's for sure: everyone should see his show at least once in their life - it can do more than ten yoga classes ever could.

Ronja von Rönne

If Ronja von Rönne is good at anything at all, it's writing. And what a writer she is! And observer too. Doing it with such wit, whilst reflecting, provoking and getting straight to the point. And that's quite something. She started off with numerous texts for her blog Sudelheft and Die Welt, and her debut novel Wir kommen came out in 2016. A year later her columns themselves were published too as a book, Heute ist leider schlecht: Beschwerden ans Leben. Since then you can see the Berlin native all over the place. She's on TV in the programme Streetphilosophy for the arte channel, at her PC typing away for the newspapers Die Zeit und Zeit Online - and at last she's giving a reading at the 25hours hotel!

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