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Super affordable and stylish in Hamburg

The fact that there’s no common thread at the new Superbude is entirely due to it being replaced by a thick rope, used as an ornament throughout the whole hotel, spelling out the word “Quiddje” in the lounge area (the endearing nickname Hamburgers
use to refer to the rest of mankind).


If this is your first time here, it‘s better to book an extra day or two, for example at the Superbude St. Georg, as the hotels alone offers too many things that need to be discovered.



Alongside its double- and multibedrooms, Superbude St. Pauli rocks out the globe with its surely unique ASTRA Rockstarsuite. A refreshing experience offers the Palomabude at Superbude St. Georg. Both suites are adequately pimped out with a well-stocked ‘fridge’, couches and sound systems.

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