The George Hotel Hamburg

The Name's George. The George!

British tradition with a touch of the modern and intercultural influences from colonial times. Located where Hamburg's colourful St. Georg district meets the Außenalster recreational area, The George Hotel Hamburg welcomes you with understated elegance, the DaCaio Restaurant with Italian cordiality and the in-house day spa with deep relaxation and renewed energy.

Bar Dacaio on the Alster

A British bar in the heart of Hamburg. The DaCaio bar is unostentatious and elegant or chic and pulsing, depending on the time of the day. We start off with our famed afternoon tea in the early afternoon and then carry on with drinks and homemade cocktails: from the legendary Martini Cocktail to our great Gold Martini.
The journey from Scotland to Cuba is not far, starting with carefully selected, special rums to long drinks with gin or vodka. Our mission is finding the perfect drink for you!

Clubbing rather than meeting: the club rooms at The George Hotel!

Don't you agree? The culture of meetings has nowhere to go but up! Strictly speaking, that's 3.20 metres in our club rooms – plenty of space for good thoughts. In the ambience dominated by unobtrusive colours and the perfect light for working, you'll be amazed at how much creativity has gone to waste in neon-lit conference rooms.

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