Around the World - Part II

An interview with Nils Jansen and Michael End

What does Frankfurt taste like? Nils Jansen knows. He worked 4 years as the General Manger in Frankfurt, before he moved to Cologne for the opening of the new 25hours Hotel. Michael End joined the 25hours Hotel Group as a self­described “all rounder.” He started out in Frankfurt as well and then came to the headquarters in Hamburg, which opened in 2010. There, he steered the rudder and held the balance – for example between standardizing and individualizing the hotels. The Chief Operating Officer still finds time for enjoyment and leisure. What locations, restaurants, and delicacies the two recommend in Frankfurt, Hamburg  and beyond? COMPANION found out. 


COMPANION: In which city would you like to make a culinary journey of discovery?
Nils Jansen: Lisbon’s old town: Life takes place on the streets there and the small shops offer a great, traditional cuisine. An evening with good wine, food, and singing!

Which restaurant have you recently been impressed by?
The Laube Liebe Hoffnung in Frankfurt – the design is cozy, very inviting and a great contrast to the Europaviertel. The kitchen is inspired by what you can make from regional gardens, fields, and meadows.

What do you like to order for room service?
Nothing! I prefer to be around people and enjoy food and drink in a social atmosphere.

On which terrace do you enjoy a glass of wine in the spring and summer?
In the beer garden of Lohrberg­-Schänke. A breathtaking view over Frankfurt is a calm contrast from the hectic activity of the city.

Who would you like to run into in the hotel lobby?
Fats Domino – I would like to start a jam session with him and properly turn the Bahnhofsviertel on its head.

When was the last time you acted like a tourist?
In Hamburg. I recently went to the Miniatur Wunderland.

Where have you always wanted to go, but haven’t made it yet? 
Iceland – with its raw nature, it has a magical appeal for me. But I have still never managed to find the time for it.



COMPANION: What city would you like to go on a journey of culinary discovery?
MICHAEL END: Bologna. I imagine the city to be a culinary paradise.

What does Hamburg taste like?
On good days, like a glass of rosé in the afternoon sun on the Elbe. On bad days, like wind and rain driving into my face. 

Which meal on the menu of a 25hours Hotel restaurant is a must­try, and why?
The Freestyle Plate by Chez Ima in the 25hours Hotel by Levi’s Frankfurt. In fast motion through the Middle Eastern-inspired kitchen, served by the relaxed guys and girls of the Ima clique.

What is the most unusual thing that you have ever eaten?
The Animal Restaurant in Los Angeles was special. They work with whole animals there – from the pig’s head to the calf’s tongue, to the marrowbone.

Where do you most like to spend your time in Hamburg in the summer?
Outside! I think the Jenischpark in Othmarschen is the most beautiful spot in Hamburg, at any time of year. A bit wild, a bit tidy. And I have a secret place where I sit and watch the big ships go by.

When was the last time you acted like a tourist?
Each summer in my own city – Hamburg! Cycling down the Alster, canoeing, eating ice cream. And then quickly going back to the homey Ottensen borough. It doesn’t get better than that.

When was the last time – in our globalized world – that you did something completely new?
Paragliding in South Tyrol. Entirely entrusting myself to someone else and then watching the world in peace from up above, that was really special.

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