Berlin After Dark

Joy and Mine at the interview.

How do you get into the hottest clubs and best parties in Germany’s capital? It’s quite simple: Impress Joy and Mine, whose business is selecting which partygoers fit which venue the best. After meeting at the bar in Berghain, the two nightlife experts decided to team up professionally. They’ve run their own agency, Selekt, since 2014, selecting the right guests for clubs as well as hosting events and organizing crowd control. Clubs including Prince Charles and labels organizing events during Berlin Fashion Week have booked Selekt’s services. In a chat with COMPANION, Joy and Mine reveal where you can find them on a night out in Berlin – both on the job and at play.

Which neighborhood in Berlin is best suited for going out?
The most fashionable neighborhood is and remains Neukölln. It’s hard to believe it, but there’s no end in sight to the boom. Also, Prince Charles alone has put Kreuzberg squarely on the map, striking a perfect balance between upscale and low­key. Our current insider tip is 60Hz, another wonderful bar and club in Kreuzberg.

So, the Moscow mule is out. What’s everyone drinking now?
Spiced rum is in style. The Kraken Sour is currently popular in many Berlin bars. If you’re dancing, go for the classic vodka mate – but please, order it mixed with a Berlin liquor.

Where are you going for a midnight snack?
The Berlin midnight snack is eaten at 3am, at the Adana Grillhaus in Kreuzberg.

Outside of working hours, when might we get the chance to spot you in Prince Charles, one of the clubs you work for as selectors!
Joy: At Burgers & Hip­Hop – at each event, the photographer takes a picture of me together with two of my boys.
Mine: I usually don’t go out on my days off ...

The Haubentaucher is a new location in Berlin that opened in 2015. Apart from the pool, what else does this place have that other spots don’t?
Smack in the middle of Friedrichshain, it attracts Berliners of all shapes and sizes. This is where young and old, families, people from Charlottenburg, hipsters, DJs, foodies, and tourists come together. The Haubentaucher guys have developed a really exciting club concept with help from artists like Anja Schneider, EPMD and Mobb Deep. We are looking forward to the winter when the club interior comes into its own.

It’s been a long night. Where can you find the best morning­after breakfast in the afternoon?
MJ’s Foodshop on Sonnenallee in Neukölln makes what are by far the biggest and tastiest sandwiches in the city, but the star attraction is the iced tea!

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