Hamburg – Where Erotica and Fish Rolls come together

A travel blogger explains the city.

“Hamburg is the most beautiful city in Germany, maybe even in the world. There’s something special about every corner of the city. Hamburg is like a fairy tale.” This is the opinion of ex-footballer’s wife Sylvie van der Vaart , who is very fond of the city in the north of Germany. There is indeed something special to discover in every corner of Hamburg, and the city is worth a visit at any time of the year.

People wishing to discover Hamburg can do so in all sorts of different ways. One of the most spectacular ways is most definitely the Hot Rod City Tour – a discovery tour conducted in motorised soapboxes. The diminutive hot rods are eye-catching and make a great sound. It’s therefore tempting not to want to turn the two-hour tour into a full day of driving around the city. At a rate of EUR 78,00, this tour doesn’t come cheap – but it’s worth every penny. Those wishing to take part will need a category 3/B  driving licence.

Guests who would rather take it easy can go on a harbour boat trip followed by a stroll along the shores of the Alster lake, to then round things off with a visit to one of the many bars in the HafenCity. An extra special winter highlight at the 25hours Hotel HafenCity is the Hafensauna with its unique views.

Guests looking to discover the city with a one-of-a-kind Hamburg resident can take part in ‘Olivia’s Safari’, during which drag queen Olivia Jones will reveal her favourite parts of the Reeperbahn. These include the Große Freiheit street and the boxing club, Zur Ritze. These tours obviously take place late in the evening and at night – certain parts of Hamburg are asleep during the day ;-)

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, you will feel right at home at Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. This model railway located just around the corner from the 25hours Hotel HafenCity may focus on small things, but that doesn’t stop it from being the biggest model railway in the world. In addition to a model Airbus A380 taking off and landing, there are all sorts of little details to be discovered here too, all of which are thought up and created by the approximately 300 members of staff. In terms of figures, it’s a gigantic project: 13,000 metres of train track, 1,300 square metres of model railway space, approximately 1,000 trains, 335,000 lights and 8,850 cars.

It goes without saying that Hamburg is a city of football too, and FC St. Pauli regularly pulls in crowds of 29,000. One of the regular fans at the stadium is the ProSieben TV presenter Elton, who has a lifetime season ticket. Founded in 1852, the club boasts a highly committed fan community, and groups of fans can frequently be found chanting their songs outside of the stadium too. Demand for tickets is high, so book early to avoid disappointment.

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