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let’s spend the night together.

fun. pleasure. relaxation.

Plenty of hotels offer the security of familiar surroundings. Not us. A 25hours Hotel boasts an unconventional mix of contemporary services. Guests don’t just simply stay at a 25hours Hotel, they deliberately choose dynamism, surprise and a touch of adventure. Our hotel is a social hub. A place where international travellers and local guests form a community, entertaining and being entertained. Since we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we believe that our guests deserve to have a bit of fun. Everyone who stays at a 25hours Hotel should leave with a story to tell.


We enjoy food and drink, which is why both play such an important role at 25hours. It’s no coincidence that many key corporate decisions are made over a good meal. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor our food and beverage concepts to each location – either by ourselves or in cooperation with our partners –, focusing on simplicity, generosity and soul.


Even the most active spirits sometimes get tired, which is why 25hours Hotels, naturally, also have beds and bathrooms of uncompromisingly high quality. Because every guest should leave the hotel feeling relaxed and content.


almost home.

stories. design. variety.

25hours Hotels are design hotels, inspired by the spirit of our times. But design is about more than just looking good and shouldn’t be overestimated. Of course, we love brilliantly designed rooms and occasionally exclusive furnishings, too, but the story a work of art, a vintage object or a little detail tells is just as important. Sometimes we like to be adventurous, sometimes romantic, but always cosy. With such a diverse range of designs, it’s hardly surprising that almost every visit to one of our hotels brings a new and interesting discovery. Guests should be constantly surprised, reaching for their camera to share their impressions with family and friends. Because our guests’ stories are our stories.


25hours Hotels are sexy, cheeky, bold, innovative, cosmopolitan, unique, charismatic, a little crazy, and locally connected. They stand out in their respective market. With all the creativity and trendiness, our hotel rooms offer both clarity and functionality. We use technology to simplify, not to complicate life.


25hours Hotels are not showrooms. They are for loving, living and lounging around. A crucial part is played by the public areas, which cater to the needs of our guests according to the time of day. These form the heart of the hotel, a workplace for urban nomads, a marketplace for commodities and a starting point for expeditions into the city. Elegant simplicity is not what we stand for. We believe that more is more.


In order to continuously find new inspiration, we like nothing more than to work with different designers, artists and other creative minds. Sometimes we also bring people together who at first don’t seem to be compatible. And, last but not least: while our product may not be to everyone’s taste, it should at least be inspiring and never boring.


come as you are.

democracy. curiosity. adventure.

25hours is democratic and tolerant. We welcome anyone with a sense of curiosity and a spirit of adventure. We gladly open our world to those who open theirs. We don’t believe the customer is king but should, instead, feel like a guest at home with friends.


In the 21st century, no one any longer needs a particular reason to travel. Professional and private lives merge, just as work and leisure do. 25hours Hotels are designed to cater to these hybrid guest requirements.


real place, real people.

professionalism. personality. quality.

The staff at 25hours is professional, sociable, dedicated and empathetic. Staff with personality and interests outside of their work strengthen our product profile. We don’t want service robots. Human contact cannot be standardised. We allow our staff to communicate freely and directly with guests, to treat everyone they meet individually and with pleasure. Yet our casual tone and relaxed attitude should not detract from the fact that good manners and professional expertise are a must.


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