we are all same, same, but different.

We’re all equal. Equally unique. Equally inspirational. Equally welcome. A unique, well-organised bunch of colourful, curious, inspirational people. Each with their own individual experiences, which they are happy to share. Each of them open to newbies, to others, and to those having a career change. Each of them enriches everybody else in the hotel, in the company and internationally. We look beyond our own back fence, beyond language barriers and beyond the barriers in our minds. We are as colourful as the world that we see here every day.

Lateral entry at 25hours

Breakfast Service

Sonila, breakfast assistant

  • speaks two languages
  • is actually a qualified hair stylist
  • joined the team at 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity in April 2017


“At home I dance in my kitchen: I believe that eating and music simply belong together.”


Arszenije, housekeeper

  • speaks two languages
  • is a qualified salesman
  • joined the team at 25hours Hotel Vienna beim MuseumsQuartier in April 2017


“I wanted to try something completely different, in a foreign country, and to set off on a new adventure in my professional and personal life.”


Ahmad, service assistant

  • speaks six languages
  • studied engineering in his home country
  • joined the team at 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse in March 2017


“I have learned so much at 25hours – especially from my colleagues on the team. It’s always funny when our guests try to read the menu at NENI. I really enjoy teaching them the unfamiliar words.”

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