at eye level.

Everyone comes to us exactly as they are. Be it in trainers, in stilettos, or on stilts. We really don’t mind. We make it work by talking to each other on a level playing field. Not because we take a laid back approach what we do, but rather to keep communication paths short. All of us have something to say, even if only one person actually has the final say (we call that person a “role model”). We all share trust, knowledge, numbers, and birthday wishes. Sometimes our boss even shares his office. Such as with one of our trainees for a day. The whole thing is delightfully uncomplicated. Simply pulling together and achieving something special with one another.

Boss for the Day

Getting a feel for how managers see things and what they have to cope with each day: Our apprentices shadow the heads of each department for a whole day. One of the essential purposes of this programme is to ensure that they receive an authentic impression of what managers get up to – from meetings and customer appointments, to planning the budget.

Facts about the project

  • In each apartment, from the start
  • Switching perspectives for the day and peppering the boss with questions
  • Genuine insight into management, not into making coffee
  • Gaining experience to see where the journey may end

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