we will train you.

Our training concept is varied, exciting, lively and constantly evolving. Here, we find it important to remain authentic and keep our ears to the ground. Many of our seminars are designed specifically for 25hours. They are developed collaboratively for all hotels and departments and taught by our own staff. The topics range from the big picture like the essentials, feedback, behaviour and communication, to a close-up on how to welcome arriving guests.

We place a clear focus on sharing opinions and fostering individual development. We learn together and from each other. So our seminars insist that participants ‘get involved’ instead of just ‘taking a seat’.

we will train you.


The 25hours essentials spell out what makes 25hours so different – what defines us. Feedback, behaviour and communication are the basic ingredients we use to bring our corporate culture to life.

After all, 25hours employees are not service robots, but competent, sociable, dedicated and empathic partners who cater directly to the needs of our guests. Walking the tightrope between professionalism and a laid-back approach is no mean feat.

Four exciting seminars – by colleagues, for colleagues – demonstrate vividly how it’s done.


Local products, never off-the-peg and always with proof of origins – our colleagues know their stuff and have a tale to tell about each individual product. To make sure it stays this way, the range of seminars is as varied as the products themselves: From a visit to an apple farmers, first aid courses and tequila tasting – nothing gets left out.

Our product seminars are organised by the heads of department. But participants are still asked to play an active role: Our colleagues are genuine specialists and are delighted to share their knowledge with the team.

Apprentice Boot Camp

The first 25hours Apprentice Boot Camp was held in Berlin in August 2017. 25 apprentice chefs and hotel managers from all 25hours hotels attended the event. They went through all the important topics to prepare for the exams together with our in-house experts. We are committed to supporting our apprentices beyond their college education, as well as to teaching them material that is usually beyond the scope of their daily assignments. Important here as well: no slacking; get involved and try things out.
We attach particular importance to sharing knowledge and learning from each other – three course years, three professions, three countries.


  • Setting tables and eating as a group
  • Preparing two different food baskets – classic and then NENI style
  • Getting to know the service equipment
  • Carving and filleting
  • Product information and calculation
  • Arrivals and departures – not as a drab role play, but with real guests
  • Preparing quotes and work rosters and conducting sales negotiations 


25hours trains selected employees with a passion for their profession and a thirst for learning to become multipliers. They learn the ropes of working as a trainer in multiplier seminars, as well as creatively and actively helping to shape our 25hours training concept.

The role they play at their 25hours hotel is to pass on to their colleagues the message of the essentials, feedback, behaviour and communication seminars and to set an example. They also use their influencer know-how in departmental seminars.

“Being a multiplier is more than just training the basics. It also means personal development, acquiring poise and learning how to adapt to the various personalities we encounter. The multiplier team has become a miniature 25hours family that nurtures the principles of appreciation and respect.”  

Lisa, a multiplier at 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin for 2 years

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