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Being a manager at 25hours means creating an environment in which your staff can thrive. Besides the daily tasks like showing presence, making decisions, agreeing targets and managing conflicts, it is also important to find, recruit and support fresh talent. That’s quite a lot.

What’s more, our executives are active role models – as experts and people. They get involved and accept responsibility for their team. They show a thirst for new knowledge and willing share their expertise with the team. And it’s precisely for these reasons that 25hours has a broad selection of seminars that help our executives to grow. Each year, our training management gets together with external partners to develop a new concept that is tailored precisely to the needs of their colleagues.

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Growth Program

Next Step for Executives.

The Growth Program is an in-house coaching academy that consolidates expertise in various areas of company management. Selected executives from all 25hours hotels meet for four joint learning sessions over the course of a year.

They use the time to broaden their viewpoints for a departmental level to the hotel as a whole, applying BRIDGEHOUSE coaching principles that help them in their long-term, individual staff development programmes: What is coaching, and what is it not? Designing coaching processes and finding solutions; fostering coaching results and managing conflicts; coaching as part of the corporate culture and change processes.

Colleagues from Head Office design the conferences and provide the coaching. Participants broaden their knowledge in areas such as human resources & training, marketing, sales & revenue, controlling & finance, development, product, F&B & operations.

Individual coaching, peer groups, online forums and tele-learning are used in addition to the sessions. The participants apply their new skills to realistic case studies and current company projects to ensure effective knowledge transfer.

Participants in the Growth Program are selected by General Management and Head Office. Besides committing to the company for another two years, they must have demonstrated the desire to take their careers to the next level and to accept responsibility. The Growth Program can open the door to a new career opportunity, in addition to personal development.


Every day is different in the lives of our directors. This includes making difficult decisions, launching new projects, accompanying change and above all taking responsibility for each individual employee. Sometimes they need sparring partners with alternative perspectives to meet the demands of this responsibility.

Our directors are therefore assigned individual, experienced coaches to provide input, find fresh approaches or stimulating ideas when needed.

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