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Michael End

Chief Operating Officer

Michael End is in charge of business development and operations at 25hours hotels. Every day, almost 900 rooms must be made ready for guests and the operations and processes of the seven hotels must be controlled and coordinated. He is responsible for the staff members in the departments of revenue management, reservations, and sales and operations, making him the person with the biggest staff responsibility within the head office.

He completed his professional hotel training at the elegant Elysée Hotel in Hamburg and gained his bachelor’s in hotel and tourism management at the University Center César Ritz in Brig, Switzerland.

Bruno Marti

Chief Brand Officer

Bruno Marti is in charge of the brand image and tonality of 25hours. He ensures that guests are given the necessary level of friendly service in all communication channels. He has been shaping the brand and the company since 2006, and has always had the courage to polarise every now and then. He is known as the logo police amongst the hotels’ sales-and-marketing teams because he finds wrongly implemented corporate design at every opportunity.

Marti holds a master’s in English studies from the University of Zurich and graduated from the school of professional hotel management in Luzern, Switzerland. In the course of his daily work he combines academic thoroughness with the necessary humour demanded by the diverse and sometimes unpredictable job.

Christoph Hoffmann

CEO / Partner

Christoph Hoffmann is responsible for the further development and expansion of the 25hours hotel group and its brand. He enthusiastically and courageously evaluates hotel premises, and always with a twinkle in his eye. With local partners he also develops tailored hotel products for nomads, daydreamers and night owls who are looking for a change from the grey city streets. In 2005, Christoph Hoffmann and his partners Kai Hollmann, Ardi Goldman and Stephan Gerhard (Solutions Holding GmbH) founded the 25hours Hotel Company to expand the already successfully established 25hours concept in Hamburg.

Stephan Gerhard

Co-Founder / Member of the Board

The Stuttgart native made good-old Swabian virtues the guiding principle of his corporate activities. He knows the international hotel trade like no other. The Treugast Solutions Group, which he founded in 1985, is one of Europe’s leading consultancy corporations in the hotel, hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors.

With Solutions Holding, which is the shareholder of the 25hours Hotel Company, Stephan Gerhard works tirelessly as a partner and consultant for 25hours in a future-oriented and promising niche of the hotel industry. In addition he shares is knowledge of the hospitality, as Professor for Hospitality Development at the FHM Schwerin / Baltic Collage.

Ardi Goldman

Co-Founder / Creative Advisor

Ardi Goldman is known as an orchestrator of city architecture in Frankfurt. With a diverse range of projects, he is always able to create cosmopolitan colour in liveable and endearing architecture and still manages to take end users seriously. As a developer of both Frankfurt hotels, Ardi Goldman is a central figure for 25hours in Frankfurt. Goldman draws his inspiration from urban areas and offers thorough support during the implementation of his ideas. This causes the boundaries to blur between enjoyment, construction, design and art.

Kai Hollmann

Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board

Kai Hollmann is the director of the Fortune Hotels in Hamburg (Gastwerk Hotel, The George Hotel, Superbuden, 25hours Hotel), which are five of the most internationally renowned and successful lifestyle hotels in various segments. Hollmann is a hotelier who learned his trade from scratch. The qualified cook and hotel manager is the proprietor and director of five hotels and was the initiator of the 25hours idea. Hollmann was voted German Hotelier of the Year in 2003 and Hamburg’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008.

Henning Weiß

Chief Product Officer

25hours must grow. Henning Weiß ensures that any new hotels, wherever they are in the world, still have the individuality and spirit that is expected from 25hours. To this end, he deals with both the technical challenges that building a hotel involves and develops pioneering products that give the brand a boost and secure its future viability.

Weiß, who grew up in a hotel by the North Sea, completed his professional training in the small but chic Louis C. Jacob school on the Elbchaussee in Hamburg. He joined 25hours following trips to London and Berlin. In 2006, he became manager during the opening of the Frankfurt hotels and was responsible for the opening of the 25hours Hotel HafenCity in 2011.

Dirk Dreyer

General Manager
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Rumble in the Jungle: Dirk Dreyer has been the General Manager of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin since April 2017. He oversees around 140 employees and is responsible for 149 hotel rooms. In addition, the NENI restaurant and the Monkey Bar are also under his purview.

No one knows Berlin’s music scene better than he does. That is because Dirk was not only active as a DJ, but also worked as a music producer and manager for EMI Music and Sony Music Talent Scouting. His decision to switch to the hotel industry was made spontaneously at a dinner in 2009. Since then, he has successfully managed various hotels in Berlin.

Nils Jansen

General Manager
25hours Hotel The Circle

Nils Jansen has been a fixed star in the firmament of the 25hours Hotels since 2013 and was in charge of the two Frankfurt hotels for four years. 2017 brought a change in scenery – Jansen is boldly going into uncharted 25hours terrain by accepting the challenge of opening the new 25hours Hotel The Circle in Cologne. It’ll give him plenty of opportunity to prove his exceptional organisational talent yet again.

Nils has a Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Tourism Management from the iba University of Cooperative Education in Berlin and earned his spurs in a variety of positions with Azimut Hotels. His most recent position before joining 25hours was as Resident Manager in the Azimut Hotel Berlin City South.

Anita Vogler

General Manager
25hours Hotels Zurich

Although the ‘Swiss Miss’ on our team is actually from Bern, she shows no sign of the slow-paced traits for which her home town is known. As general manager, she was pivotal in the opening of the Zurich hotel and has brought a generous helping of Helvetian hospitality to many of the services offered. Alongside the daily grind of hotel management, she is particularly active in promoting the hotel within the city and works on making the name 25hours better known throughout Switzerland.

Anita Vogler received the Swiss national diploma as hotelier from the school of professional hotel management in Luzern. Before she was snapped up by 25hours Virus, she ran the Mangosteen Catering at the Zurich Marriott Hotel for several years.

Patrick Moreira

General Manager
25hours Hotel HafenCity
25hours Hotel Altes Hafenamt

In July 2017, Patrick Moreira was appointed General Manager of the two buildings in the HafenCity in Hamburg. In total, he oversees around 135 employees in two hotels.

Born in Hamburg with Portuguese roots, he completed his hotel apprenticeship at the five-star hotel, Louis C. Jacob, in 2011, coming out top of his class. Subsequently, he worked here in various F&B positions for six years — making him an ideal candidate for taking over the hotels with a strong focus on F&B in the HafenCity.

Christian Kölling

General Manager
25hours Hotel at MuseumsQuartier

Something to look forward to! As manager and local representative of 25hours in Vienna, Christian Kölling is now responsible for the biggest hotel in the group. His amazing empire comprises 217 rooms and suites, the Dachboden loft with its citywide reputation, the 1500 FOODMAKERS restaurant and the Burger de Ville summer garden.

Kölling, who has a qualification in hotel administration, started as General Manager of this hotel in Vienna in July 2016. Until then he worked for Lindner Hotels at a variety of locations, including Hotel Am Belvedere in Vienna.

Tina Schulz

General Manager
25hours Hotel Number One

Tina Schulz has been passionate about the hospitality and catering trade since early childhood, when she had helped her parents in their business. After leaving school, she opted for a business apprenticeship in Switzerland instead of university. This was followed by a range of positions at well-known hotels, such as Kempinski Hotels Bristol Berlin, Atlantic Hamburg and Leading Hotels of the World London. Before Tina Schulz became Deputy Manager of 25hours Hotel Number One in April 2008, she had spent nearly 10 years in a self-employed capacity, running the Ole Lieser Hotel and Restaurant on the Gut Panker estate.

Since 1 March 2016 she has headed the 25hours Hotel Number One and Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg in Bahrenfeld – two hotels that belong to Hotelier and the 25hours partner Kai Hollmann.

Florian Kollenz

Chief Development Officer

Florian Kollenz has been part of the 25hours world since 2014, and works hard on the international growth of the group.
Prior to his role with 25hours, Florian was a Senior Consultant with PKF hotelexperts in Vienna where he oversaw the fields of corporate finance and operator selection. Before that, Florian worked several years for the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank after graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

Steffen Fox

Chief Financial Officer

Steffen Fox plans and monitors the finances of the 25hours hotels together with his team. He's renowned within the company for his keen eye and his tenacity.
Following his studies at the Bad Honnef International University of Applied Sciences, he worked as a controller for Vienna International Hotelmanagement AG in Vienna. Steffen has been part of the 25hours team since 2012. He completed his Master of Business Administration in Controlling at Regensburg University between 2013 and 2015, and also worked at the same time.

Denis Mair

General Manager
25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

Denis Mair casts the nets across Munich and leads the team at the 25hours Hotel Munich. Mair has a business degree from the University of Munich, trained as a hotel manager in the Munich Marriott Hotel and attended schools of hotel management in France and Israel. In addition to garnering culinary work experience on water, on land and in the air, his last senior positions were in the aerospace industry. He now returned to the hospitality sector as general manager of the 25hours Hotel Munich.

Xavi Vega

General Manager
25hours Hotel Terminus Nord

Oh là là. With a lot of charm, the native Spaniard Xavi Vega leads the hotel in the city of love and acts as local 25hours brand ambassador. Vega holds a Masters in Hotel Management from Escuela de Administración de Empresas (Barcelona) and has several years' experience as General Manager of various luxury and design hotels all over the world. Thanks to his many years' professional experience in France and Belgium he speaks fluent French, and is more than familiar with Paris. He most recently managed the Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort in Costa Rica.

Michael Todt

General Manager
25hours Hotel Das Tour

Ménage à trois. A friendly Bavarian who walks the line between chaotic French creativity and German efficiency. Michael Todt will be responsible for the 25hours Hotel Das Tour in his capacity as General Manager.
Michael Todt already has plenty of experience in contemporary hospitality: After studying International Tourism & Hospitality in Bonn/Bad Honnef, he worked for various Motel One Hotels in Germany and Austria. Most recently, Michael was responsible for the conceptual and operative aspects of opening the first me and all hotel at Lindner Hotels. 

Andreas Schnürer

General Manager
25hours Hotels Frankfurt

Andreas Schnürer’s career at 25hours Hotels started in 2016, when he accepted the position of Senior Sales und Marketing Manager for the two establishments in HafenCity, Hamburg. Now that he’s successfully completed the 25hours Growth Programme, the qualified hotel specialist has taken charge of two hotels in his first appointment as General Manager. So besides the usual challenges of running a hotel, his toughest job will be to coordinate logistics between the two districts.

Andreas holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication and media management from the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. The native of Osnabrück has stacks of experience and a creative penchant for blue-skies thinking, reflected in his impressive stature of around 6’5”. He built his experience working for prestigious chains and individual hotels in Germany and Austria, before being taken on by 25hours Hotels.

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