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five best practices for relaxed travelling.

There’s always an unwanted stowaway that hops on board with you: jet lag. How can you travel through time zones and arrive as fit as possible? Five international travel bloggers and professional globetrotters share their best tips.


Alexandra Jimenez

This LA-native’s blog offers practical advice on how to pack efficiently and stylishly for any destination. Being a long-time traveler herself, Alexandra Jimenez, who previously worked in the fashion industry, has a perfect routine for long haul flights: A pair of stretch jeans, a tee, and flats or easy-to-remove ankle boots are key to staying comfortable. For more insights on what to pack and where to go, read on: Alex has shared numerous packing lists with tips for traveling à la mode. One recommendation for your hand luggage: it’s important to keep hands and lips moisturized, since the airplane air tends to dry them. Her final pro tip: makeup wipes to keep you fresh faced upon arrival.



Debbie Pappyn & David De Vleeschauwer

Finding themselves on an icebreaker in the Arctic in summer 2016, it’s clear that Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer explore different destinations to the usual traveler. To keep track of all the places they’ve visited, the Belgian pair founded classetouriste.be, a stunning portfolio of their work as a writer and photographer. The long-time travelers swear by a good sleep schedule and power naps to stay energized during their journeys. However, once they arrive, they get straight into the swing of the new time zone. The two recommend not to lock yourself up in a hotel room but to go out, have a drink, and soak up the local life.



Katja Hentschel

Adapting food and drink habits to whatever timezone you’re in – meaning you can drink a glass of wine even when, for your body, it’s still morning – is exactly how Katja Hentschel tricks her internal clock. To avoid jet lag, the Berliner at heart also tries to catch at least four hours sleep during the flight, so she can power through the day right after arriving. Since 2009, she’s documented these tips and many more on her blog travelettes.com. Katja founded it, but it’s written by a whole team of women with a passion for adventure – an authentic, entertaining guide for the globetrotter.



Gabriella Zanzanaini & Nicolas Petit

The founders of the culinary travel blog funnelogychannel.com, Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit, have lived on four continents and traveled as a pair for long time now. Not long ago, their son Max arrived and joined them on their travels. Being on the road with a baby changed everything, especially the routines for a long distance journey. Their key to mastering lengthy nighttime flights – so the whole family can sleep soundly – is to eat light while traveling. When the jet lag inevitably hits, Gabi and Nico use their secret weapon: a DIY tonic of hot lemon, honey, and ginger. For more recipes and culinary inspiration, browse through their blog.



Matt Kepnes

He not only knows how to travel everywhere on budget – Matt Kepnes is a New York Times best-selling author on the subject and his blog on the same topic ranks among the most successful worldwide. His tips for avoiding jet lag naturally come without a price tag: Before heading to a new destination, he usually resets his body clock by adjusting his sleep routine to the target time zone before he arrives. If the US citizen gets hit by jet lag after all, he recommends drinking lots of water, as rehydrating is a great way to get over the fatigue as quickly as possible. The blogger also makes sure to avoid any naps upon arriving at his accommodation and takes a shower instead. This way he can stay up late until it’s time to go to bed in his “new home.”


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