2 hotels in Copenhagen

Indre By

25hours Hotel Copenhagen Indre By

Coming Soon: Paper Island

25hours Hotel Copenhagen Paper Island


Soap & Glory

‘True soap’ pioneers Hanna and Johan Olzon Åkerström chat to Jane Anderson about their 10-year journey from kitchen table to flourishing sustainable business.

Screen If You Want To Go Faster

A sure way to access the artists, hipsters, alternative cultures and the underground creative pulse of any given city is to get yourself to an independent, arthouse cinema. Matt Charlton recommends top screens.

The Power of Water

In the heart of Hamburg’s St. Pauli district is the Millerntor Stadium, home to the St. Pauli football club. Come summertime when the team is resting, art takes over the stadium. And furthermore, art with a serious purpose and a huge sense of fun!

Art for the Masses

Companion looks at three very different street artists and finds out what inspires them to transform a blank public space into something meaningful

Pounding The City

Nick Savage takes the philosophical approach to running through our urban landscapes

From Street to Plate

Jane Anderson chats to Nuriel Molcho about his family’s thriving restaurant business NENI and its kaleidoscopic Israeli street food

Cupcake Couture

Companion caught up with the flamboyant Italian baker, Melissa Forti, as she prepares to throw open the doors of Café Duse at the new 25hours Hotel Indre By, Copenhagen

Float My Boat

Magnus Maarbjerg and Marshall Blecher are MAST, an innovative architecture partnership specializing in structures on or around the water. From their beautiful studio in an old shipyard in Copenhagen Harbour, Marshall speaks to Jane Anderson about their love of harbour life and why floating structures are the way forward

On the Crest of a Wave

From Düsseldorf to Tokyo, the 15-year-old German Celine Dornick is dominating the global rapid surfing competition circuit, one city wave at a time

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