stay for goods. no money, no problem.

The 25hours Hotel Langstrasse is also a pawn shop. Not enough cash to pay for your hotel accommodation? Or do you have something at home that deserves a larger audience? The 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse could well be the first hotel in the world where you can pay for your stay with art and stuff. Pretty, valuable, decorative and/or useful things are accepted in place of payment. Small items of furniture, art, technology and curios are welcome: we like surprises.

Depending on availability, you can put yourself forward for accommodation with breakfast on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Simply fill out the form below, upload a photo of the fine item, and maybe write a few words about the history of your deposit. The hotel’s curator team will contact you within 25 hours.

And then? You hand over the piece in lieu of payment during check-in. It can then be redeemed at any time before departure if you happen to change your mind. After that, your deposit will become property of the hotel.

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