For decades, the Cavallo family has been one of the leading Italian restaurant families in the Rhine-Main region. Behind the name Isoletta (ital. little island) is more than just the guarantee of high-quality, authentic Italian cuisine, but also the offer to be a living room and second home for the many loyal guests.
For over five years, the Isoletta family has been offering a trattoria concept that we have now refined as Isoletta Pinsa-Mozzarella-Pasta.
Our Mediterranean concept aims to transport guests to a southern Italian trattoria. Vivere Italiano! - live like an Italian, that is our philosophy and our motivation as your host. Pinsa, mozzarella and pasta are the three pillars on which our restaurant is based.

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri 11.30am - 3pm / 6pm - 11pm
Sat 5pm - 11pm


Isoletta PMP |East
Hanauer Landstraße 127
60314 Frankfurt

p +49 69 80089659



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