Our Restaurants

NENI Hamburg

Osakaallee 12 / Entrance Überseeboulevard
20457 Hamburg

Boilerman Bar

Osakaallee 12
20457 Hamburg

HEIMAT Küche + Bar

Überseeallee 5
20457 Hamburg

das esszimmer

Paul-Dessau-Strasse 2
22761 Hamburg

Burger de Ville

Paul-Dessau-Strasse 2
22761 Hamburg


Roaring Berlin

companion joins author and journalist Boris and illustrator Robert on a tour inspired by the Roaring Twenties

Future Ballet

Wayne McGregor is one of the most prominent contemporary choreographers of today. He will make his Munich debut in 2018 at Bayerisches Staatsballett’s annual Ballet Festival Week.

Evoking Emotions

COMPANION invited Nadja Schildknecht, co-founder and co-director of the Zurich Film Festival, to compile a playlist of her favorite famous movie soundtracks.

Culture of Wine

Wine without Dress Code.

Sustainable App Cosmos

Living healthily, saving resources, taking care of the environment, and, naturally, also of our fellow humans.

The Good Bag by canvasco

canvasco shows how to upcycle.

The Boilerman

Joerg Meyer talks about hotel bars, highballs, and Hemingway

Hamburg – Where Erotica and Fish Rolls come together

A travel blogger explains the city.

The Food Wizards

Bompass and Parr from London.

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