Cinchona Bar

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Monday - Thursday 8am - 1am

Friday 8am - 2am

Saturday 9am - 2am

Sunday 9am - 1am


Cinchona Bar
Langstrasse 150
8004 Zurich

p +41 44 576 50 04


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Cinchona Bar

Depending on the time of day, the cinchona bar is a cosy living room and fireplace, somewhere to have coffee, to work or to enjoy an aperitif. At sunset, it becomes the venue for social gatherings and relaxation. An exceptional place with a casual atmosphere, where highballs are served - small, simple drinks, mixed from the finest ingredients. Perfect for sampling different varieties and finding your favourite drink.



Artist in Residence - Louis Schmidt

The artistic heart of the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse is the hotel’s studio on the ground floor. It is a workspace for international and domestic artists, who produce and prepare for their exhibitions, presentations, or collaborations on-site. Louis Schmidt stayed here three weeks in June 2018.

Artist in Residence - Oliver Ross

A good week after completing his residency in the studio at the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse, Oliver Ross explains the extent to which a change of scenery affects his creative process and influences his artworks, whether his daily routine changes with the location, and whether art and hotels can function well together.

Blau Pause

For Companion Theresia Enzenberger has created a very different kind of map, which highlights unusual Bauhaus locations to be discovered in cities that are home to our 25hours Hotels

Behind the Curtain

Hans-Joachim Flebbe has created a business out of his love for film. COMPANION sat down with the visionary entrepreneur to talk premium movie theaters, smelly nachos, and receiving praise from Hollywood.

Spotlight On women

Talented women all over the world are joining forces in increasing numbers to combat the patriarchy through the synergy of their networks. One of these young communities is Clam Club.

Spaces of Transition

People in hotels are a peculiar species — and have inspired artists to soaring flights of creativity, as our columnist Rainer Moritz recounts

Frankfurt’s Book Heaven

An overnight stay at the Frankfurt Book Fair? An intriguing idea — though one that’s been impossible up until now.

A Man and the Sea

A love of the sea made Nikolaus Gelpke into a publisher. He found his calling in life working on Mare in Hamburg.

Vienna’s Got Talent

Nadiv Molcho is a theater and movie actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, and producer — all that at the age of 27. A talk with companion.

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