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don’t act like you’re not impressed.

You can also find various odds and ends, presents and great souvenirs online. Anyone who has always wanted to call one of the 25hours cuddly toys their own or just wanted to snuggle up in our bedding again, can now buy them for their own home. Just pop them in the basket and your package will be sent on its way.

Extra Hour Tea - Gift box

24hours isn't enough.   Extra Hour is an organic herbal tea blend for that extra kick. With it you can enjoy your 25th hour of the day and stay awake (black tea, guarana) relaxed (herbs). Having the slogan "Here comes the sun," perhaps even ...

4,95 €
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Please, do (not) disturb!

now we are talking.   The truth is sometimes hard to take. Our 25 reasons help to explain why the room should better not be entered or when it is time for a thorough spring cleaning.

10,00 €
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fridge magnet

good things happen when you smile.   There is nothing but light in the fridge, but at least the 25hours magnets testify good taste.

12,00 €
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Extra Hour Tea - Tea caddy

24hours isn't enough.   Extra Hour is an organic herbal tea blend for that extra kick. With it you can enjoy your 25th hour of the day and stay awake (black tea, guarana) relaxed (herbs). Having the slogan "Here comes the sun," perhaps even ...

12,95 €
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Pillow case

still dreaming of fiji.   The waves are crashing onto the beach, you can feel the soft sand under your feet and the cocktail has the amazing taste of holiday. You’ll only get dreams as sweet as that on our pillows.

14,90 €
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Schlafaffe - cuddly monkey

open for monkey business.   The Schlafaffe will keep an eye on its owner, but of course he’s always up to a little mischief too. And who could blame him …

26,00 €
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Sleeping Monster

there’s a monster behind this door.   The sleeping monster chases away even the most evil dreams and guards its owner.

29,00 €
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bath towel

naked and famous.   The absolute eye-catcher on the beach, at the outdoor pool or even in your own shower. Our bath towel makes you famous even when naked.

29,90 €
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Schlafschaf - cuddly sheep

let’s spend the night together.   The ‘Schlafschaf’ cuddly sheep is the best remedy for homesickness. It will help its owner to get to sleep and will protect them in the night.

39,90 €
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Schlafbaer - cuddly bear

you're my number one.   The 'Schlafbaer' is the friend on long journeys and a guardian against bad dreams.

39,99 €
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Schlaffant - cuddly elephant

good things happen when you smile.   The ‘Schlaffant’ is the perfect travel companion for kids of all ages. He’s a relaxed little guy who’s irresistibly huggable!

49,00 €
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Schlafeule - cuddly owl

this is not a cat area.   The `Schlafeule´is the faithful friend for home or while traveling. Love and cuddling is included.

49,50 €
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Bloek by Alfredo Häberli

please — blame it on me.   The Bløk shows his feelings. The body and the head can be placed depending on the emotional situation. Cheerful, with the view up or sad, with downcast eyes.

75,00 €
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Bed linen

early bird? me?   Other people can get up early. But with our bedding you just want to stay put. And who knows, maybe there’ll be breakfast in bed today?!? There will always be a matching pillowcase though.

89,90 €
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25hours shop

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