DEDON is about bringing people together and furniture is a medium for that.

A manufacturer of exclusive outdoor furniture, DEDON is one of the world’s leading providers in the industry.
The company, which was founded in 1990 by the former professional soccer player Bobby Dekeyser, revolutionized the outdoor furniture market within a few years. Today DEDON is represented on more than 80 countries and opened showrooms worldwide. The basis for the companys success is the highly durable, weather-resistant and ecologically degradable synthetic DEDON fiber, which is developed and produced in Germany and „the Original“ in the market.

With its finger on the pulse of contemporary design and culture, DEDON keeps surprising with revolutionary collections convincing in terms of design, comfort and quality. For sure we have these three attributes in common with the 25h hotels.

Bobby Dekeyser, Founder of DEDON

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