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FvF is an independent international publication and production agency. As an online magazine, FvF candidly documents inspiring people from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds, consistently delivering enduring and high-quality content. Over the last three years, the team has grown from a localized Berlin project into a global creative network that stretches from São Paulo via Beirut to Tokyo. With three million page views per month, FvF now reaches 30-40,000 people per day worldwide.


About the collaboration

Companion is a project by online magazine Freunde von Freunden for 25hours Hotels.
Companion is a magazine of stories from and about Berlin. A formative past, an obsessively observed present and a hotly debated future full of possibilities: these characteristics make Berlin one of the most exciting cities in the world right now. Companion wants to capture this moment by portraying interesting people from all walks of life, from the long-established market stall owner to the feted artist.

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Refugee Canteen

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Sixt and Sixt MyDriver

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Bikini Island & Mountain Hotels

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