Message Salon Embassy

Message salon embassy invites international artists to spend some time in Zurich to find inspiration and stimulation. Madame l’Ambassadeur Esther Eppstein makes it possible for the creative artists to make local contacts and have encounters with the local scene, art agents at institutions or galleries, and new friendships and connections are formed. The message salon embassy has been a nomadic project since 2015, appears in various contexts and at different locations, and checks in for around four residencies per year at the 25hours Hotel on Langstrasse, among other locations.

25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse is delighted to be able to offer support and a venue for this art project - with a hotel room and the studio - in the immediate vicinity of the Cinchona Bar and with a view of the central station train tracks. For four to five weeks at a time, the Artists in Residence live and work at the hotel and enjoy its hospitality.

New works, ideas, sketches and experiments are created in the studio. At the end of the residency, the artist leaves one work behind at the hotel that was created during their stay in Zurich and is published in a “Zine”, a small, limited edition publication, which will be presented to them as part of a public event at the hotel.

The message salon embassy is curated by Esther Eppstein, and artistic freedom and independence is important to her in this job. “These are creative artists from my environment that I have met all over the world and think would be a good fit. I offer the artists the chance to spend time in a studio in the expensive city of Zurich, which they often wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. The art project at the 25hours Hotel Zurich Langstrasse is an experiment and evolves with each artist’s residency. For me, it’s about connecting with the local art scene, but it’s also about creative interaction with the location”, Esther explains.

When selecting the artists, she considers artists in all genres, regardless of their heritage, age, audience, and popularity. “The most important thing for me: That the artists have a desire to immerse themselves in the city, the neighbourhood, in the hotel as a space for working and meeting new people, and the local art scene. The neighbourhood around Langstrasse is undergoing rapid change; today, Zurich is highly dynamic in many different ways. The Artists in Residence react to this. And the outsider’s perspective is interesting for the local art scene as well.”

The artist Esther Eppstein opened the art space “message salon” in Zurich in 1996, which later moved to different locations and became an important meeting point and platform for the local art scene - up until its final days in 2013 in the art house Perla-Mode on Langstrasse. Esther Eppstein describes the salon as her art practice; bringing different people together in a creative context, networking with creative artists of all kinds, the setting, and the documentation of what comes to pass there. Since 2015, the artist has developed the message salon even further into the Artist in Residence project, “message salon embassy”.

More information on artists’ residencies, message salon embassy hotel, and on the current Artist in Residence can be found here.
Information on the message salon

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