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NENI München

Horaires d'ouverture

Du lundi au vendredi :
de 6h30 à 15h00
de 17h30 à 23h00

Le samedi et le dimanche :
de 7h00 à 15h00
de 17h30 à 23h00


Petit-déjeuner buffet
Du lundi au vendredi : de 6h30 à 10h30
Le samedi et le dimanche : de 7h00 à 11h30


NENI Munich
Bahnhofplatz 1
80335 Munich



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NENI München

Au NENI, les plats arrivent directement dans la cocotte ou dans un morceau de parchemin sur la table. Chacun peut ainsi goûter chaque produit. Tenu par la famille Molcho, le restaurant NENI met à l'honneur une cuisine orientale éclectique aux influences locales où le partage et la convivialité sont à l'honneur.

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Diving into The Forest

Nature, awareness, deceleration, meditation: 'shinrin-yoku', meaning 'bathing in the forest', is a recognised treatment in Japan. It's also spreading to Germany as a by-product of the general mindfulness trend. Why is it so popular? What does the bathing part involve? Accompanied by two guides, partners Carlos Ponte and Emma Wisser, COMPANION headed off to the Mangfall Valley, close to Munich, to test the waters and discover what this activity is all about. Between the trees and wet earth, we learned something about the healing qualities of the forest - and about ourselves as well.

The Taste of Tel Aviv

Haya Molcho and her sons, the family behind eatery empire NENI, have written a new cookery book about the people of Tel Aviv and their culinary histories. And it has recipes too. The most important ingredient? Friends with whom to share what you make.

Blau Pause

For Companion Theresia Enzenberger has created a very different kind of map, which highlights unusual Bauhaus locations to be discovered in cities that are home to our 25hours Hotels

Spaces of Transition

People in hotels are a peculiar species — and have inspired artists to soaring flights of creativity, as our columnist Rainer Moritz recounts

Vienna’s Got Talent

Nadiv Molcho is a theater and movie actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, and producer — all that at the age of 27. A talk with companion.

Roaring Berlin

companion joins author and journalist Boris and illustrator Robert on a tour inspired by the Roaring Twenties

Future Ballet

Wayne McGregor is one of the most prominent contemporary choreographers of today. He will make his Munich debut in 2018 at Bayerisches Staatsballett’s annual Ballet Festival Week.

The Mental Detox Castle

The recipe for success at one of the best luxury spa hotels in the world at Elmau Castle is based on a special concept called “mental detox”:

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