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To Friendship

Oh La La Reunion

Breathtaking beaches, spectacular natural scenery, rocky volcanic landscapes, Creole delicacies, and a veritable mix of cultures: at around 2,500 square kilometres, Île de la Réunion is a truly exotic part of France and a somewhat remote corner of the Eurozone. A whopping eleven-and-a-half-hour flight from Paris to the middle of the Indian Ocean, this island to the east of Madagascar, only a stone’s throw away from Mauritius, proves to be a genuine paradise for active tourists and nature lovers — and a welcome destination for us COMPANION adventurers.

The Science of Scent

The Tastes of Tel Aviv

Yearning for Comfort

Rooms are becoming ever more comfortable, both at home and in hotels. Thomas Tritsch could write the book on this topic. Together with architect Sabine Mühlbauer, the artist founded Morgen Interiors in 1998. The creative studio acts as a liaison between the disciplines of architecture, design, art, music, events, and handicrafts. Creating spaces you’re happy to spend time in is one of Morgen’s core competencies — one which the team demonstrates time and again in both private and public projects across Europe. For example, at the freshly renovated 25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt, the concept for which Morgen Interiors worked in cooperation with Frankfurt-based artist Michael Dreher. In a talk with COMPANION, Thomas discussed the requirements of cosy design, the importance of well-being in hotels, and why the uncomfortability of travelling will continue far into the future.

Diving into The Forest

Sleep Tight

Good Night

Asking for Help

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