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25hours Hotel Hamburg Altes Hafenamt


Improving Cities

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. At the moment, our urban epicentres make up just over 3 percent of the world’s landmass but account for three-quarters of global pollution and 70 percent of energy consumption. As such, making cities more sustainable is a crucial part of our fight against the climate crisis; not only for the planet’s survival but also for global health and happiness

On the Crest of a Wave

From Düsseldorf to Tokyo, the 15-year-old German Celine Dornick is dominating the global rapid surfing competition circuit, one city wave at a time

When Night Becomes Day

Day and night are temporal dimensions of unequal stature: Night still has a bit of an image problem. After all, nightlife, clubs, bars and parties are often associated with excess, or even violence and vandalism. Yet having a lively nightlife scene is a demonstrable enrichment for cities. An attractive night time economy, which includes theatres, concerts, culinary delights and much more, makes a city worth living in—and accordingly, attracts creatives and professionals.

The Art of Dreaming

Much of Pauline Beaudemont’s artistic practice takes place in her sleep. Situating herself within the discipline of post-surrealism, the French-born globetrotter channels the hidden truths of her subconscious through dream journals, experimental drawing techniques, and by giving herself the space to slow down, read, and connect ideas. These actions were next set to play out during a summer residency at the 25hours Hotel Langstrasse Zürich, which due to the pandemic has now been postponed indefinitely. Intrigued to hear what’s been keeping Beaudemont inspired, COMPANION gave the artist a call to chat about feminist superheroes, her current reading list, and the specific challenges the post-pandemic art world is likely to pose for women.

Meet the mushroom fanatics cultivating fungi before their customers’ eyes

As new forms of urban farming increase in volume and sophistication on rooftops, up walls, and in basements around the world, there’s one system that’s proving especially resilient—and yielding good-looking, great-tasting results along the way. Taking a democratic approach to the food supply chain, mushroom cultivators Smallhold are leveraging pioneering technology to put farming in the hands of anyone, everywhere—and shining new light on the mushroom kingdom’s many mysteries in the process.

Saluti! The Taste of Bella Italia—Bottled in Hamburg.

Why wait for the perfect travel conditions? 25hours Hotels partnered with Nordcraft and Si Puó Fare Bio to bring a taste of summer right to your own backyard with two COMPANION aperitivos.

Too good to go

Food wastage is as much a part of our everyday lives as bread and butter – alarmingly so. Around a third of perfectly good food is regularly thrown away in Europe alone. The Too Good To Go app is designed to put an end to this by making it easy for suppliers and consumers to save food. COMPANION talks to Laure Berment, Germany’s Country Manager at Too Good To Go, about wonky pickles, women as managers and, of course, saving food.

Discover a curated world with the Sisters of Paradise

The family business Sisters of Paradise is the brainchild of Ronja, Valentin and Prof. Stephan Gerhard, and together they invite guests to discover the world through their eyes. The extraordinary hotel concept is interwoven with a saga about two sisters who search for their brother all over the world and encounter the most hidden locations and secret attractions in the process. In real life, this fictional story intersects with the exclusive Sisters of Paradise hotels, all of them establishments that the founders themselves – and the mythical sisters in the saga – carefully scouted on their travels. It goes without saying that Ronja, Valentin and Stephan draw on their own family history! As children of a hotelier, Ronja and Valentin were born with a passion for travel, adding a family touch to the trio’s concept, along with the expertise of Prof. Stephan Gerhard. Anyone wanting to become part of this saga is enticed not only by the fantastic Sisters of Paradise apartments, but also by a series of recommendations for the selected locations around the world. This means that everyone can use the attractive tips from the multi-talented team to compile their very personal itinerary. Founder Ronja and her team give their guests access to exclusive experiences and highlights that you would never find in an airport tourist guide.

Pirates of Activism

Illegal fishing, oil tanker spillages, floating fields of plastic bottles spanning kilometres: We have caused a lot of damage to our oceans in recent decades—damage with far-reaching consequences for marine life, for the balance of Earth’s ecosystems, and for humanity itself. The ocean is essential to the lives of billions of people, whether directly or indirectly. That’s why the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been dedicated to fighting the destruction of habitats and the slaughter of wild animals in the world’s seas for over 40 years now.
Founded in the USA in 1977 by Paul Watson, who also brought Greenpeace to life, the international charitable organisation has attracted attention, often with very daring actions on the world’s oceans: blocking the path of illegal whale poachers on the high seas, for instance. As this had previously led to the ramming or sinking of ships, Sea Shepherd earned itself a reputation for piracy among NGOs, although their diverse initiatives are now implemented completely within the remit of the law. COMPANION spoke to Nicolai Duda, Treasurer and Fundraising Director at Sea Shepherd Germany. He talked about the growing interest in environmental protection, fashionable activism, modern slavery in the fishing industry and the indeterminable origins of frozen fish.

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