Le quartier

Always a pleasure having such neighbours: The 25hours Hotel The Circle is located in the hub of the Belgian quarter. The centre of Cologne, the scene and shopping metropolis, is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Little clothes shops by young designers, second-hand shops and countless cosy cafés and restaurants form the heart of the quarter. The famous Ehrenstrasse with its plethora of renowned shops is also just round the corner. Clubs and nightlife institutions have moved into the Friesen Quarter in the last few years and are also just a few blocks away from the 25hours Hotel The Circle.

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Im Klapperhof 22-24
50670 Köln

Monkey Bar

Im Klapperhof 22-24
50670 Cologne

Co-Working Café & Aperitivo Bar

Im Klapperhof 22-24
50670 Cologne


We love things! All things possible.
Things that give joy and tell great stories.
We discover these things with friends, while browsing or travelling.
A great selection of these things can now be found in the 25hours-things shop.



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Night Fever

The fashion, music, and worldly feel of the 1970s disco era captivate imaginations to this day. DJ Nicky Siano was spinning the turntables back then, while the photographer Bill Bernstein prowled the legendary Studio 54.

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The Taste of Tel Aviv

Haya Molcho and her sons, the family behind eatery empire NENI, have written a new cookery book about the people of Tel Aviv and their culinary histories. And it has recipes too. The most important ingredient?

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Time to get out of the city? Want to leave all your cares behind and immerse yourself in nature and culture? Always a good idea! COMPANION has put together some tips for excursions in the surrounds of our 25hours Hotels’ cities to give you ideas for moments of mindfulness in the cold season.

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Destination: Museum

It seems to be a given that museum visits are best taken on rainy days. Yet when the sun shines and temperatures are warm, it’s worth taking a trip to the cultural landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia — perhaps even by bike. However you get there, here we present the ten most interesting art destinations for the summer.

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Real Queens

Under the respective monikers Pam Pengco, Kimberly Kiss, Marcella Rockefeller, and Laila Licious, Olli, Kim, Marcel, and David have been performing as the group “Real Queens” in Cologne since 2016.

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Coworking Cosmos

Werner Aisslinger is one of Germany’s most sought-after designers. He talks to COMPANION about the new 25hours Hotel The Circle Cologne, analogue places in a digital world, and working in the bathtub.


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