There's one for you.

For over ten years, bag manufacturer Canvasco has been shaking up the fashion and lifestyle scene with designs that are both sustainable and creative. Now in global demand, the Canvasco label combines maritime passion with urban chic – bags full of heart and soul. To this day, recycling, sustainability and social responsibility are still at the core of the Canvasco approach to manufacturing. Honoured several times with the red dot design award, the bags produced in Germany have caused a real sensation as far as Japan, France and the United States.

Canvasco bags are only produced at correctional facilities for women in the Federal Republic. Environmental awareness and a commitment to the socially disadvantaged thus go hand in hand. Another special feature is that each bag is handmade and therefore unique, whether it the material is recycled canvas, old blankets from the Swiss military or even cowhide. Canvasco – There's one for you.

The happy relationship of Canvasco as an urban bag label and the currently most innovative hotel group 25hours, already holds more than 5 years! Why?
Because we share the same passions; Quality and attention to detail as well as joy of life in everything we tackle! We simply are a good match!

Jan-Marc Stührmann, managing director canvasco gmbH

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