Create. Shape. Unite.

SAAT is the Indian word for "together“. In German, SAAT means “what grows from seeds”. SAAT understands itself as the harmonious interplay of various elements in creating something new. This is how the individual leather bags and garments are made.
SAAT is genuine.

Inspired by distinct craftsmanship and classic design SAAT reflects on functional simplicity. They reduce to the maximum, rendering meaning to every detail. SAATs products provide space for the essential - for the spirit of the people who wear them.
SAAT is simple.

SAAT uses Japanese Selvedge fabrics and organically tanned leather from Germany. The natural patina of these handpicked materials creates items with character. During production they refrain from chemical processes and rely entirely on the outstanding quality of raw materials.
SAAT is forward thinking.

SAAT designs in Munich and produces with European manufacturers: passionate people whose accomplishments are appreciated and respected. They produce our goods in limited series with the personal signature of the craftsman.
SAAT is transparent.

SAATs aspiration is the mindful application of resources and an appreciative attitude towards the individual. They create durable fashion and leather goods to be remarkable companions for every moment in life.
SAAT is what you make of it.

We combine original craftsmanship with the current zeitgeist - innovative, conscious and vibrant.

Sajna & Thorsten, creative minds of SAAT

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