All natural cosmetics.

Water is the foundation of life. And yet it still gets wasted every day. Which is why a Hamburg team developed the STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! natural cosmetic range. The care products are 100% natural and effective and meet the highest standards of certified natural cosmetics. A daily reminder to protect our precious resource and to invest in your own beauty routine at the same time.


STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! proves that sustainability can also look pretty damn good: The design has won numerous international prizes. The products are available in over 350 stores worldwide; from New York to Hong Kong. And also in our hotels, of course – because people use up to ten times more water in hotel rooms than they do in their own bathrooms.

Innovative concept, sustainable thinking, great design – 25hours Hotels are a perfect match for us. Just like we are for them. This becomes clear when you look at how productive and relaxed our work together is.

Stefan Kolle - Manager

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