The Paris Club

The Paris Club

Situé aux 16e et 17e étages, le bar-restaurant The Paris Club constitue le plus haut point du 25hours Hotel Das Tour. Avec une vue spectaculaire sur Düsseldorf, le célèbre style français est mis à l'honneur et réinterprété dans une élégance décontractée. Une hauteur sous plafond de plus de sept mètres et de larges baies vitrées donnent un cachet singulier à l'espace. La France moderne donne le La : les plats sont servis en petite portion, à déguster selon votre faim dans une atmosphère unique.

Horaires d'ouverture

Restaurant : Lun - Sam 18h00 - 22h00

Bar: Dim - Jeu 18h00 - 00h00
        Ven + Sam 18h00 - 01h00


The Paris Club
Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1
40211 Düsseldorf


p. +49 211 900 91 0263


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Time to get out of the city? Want to leave all your cares behind and immerse yourself in nature and culture? Always a good idea! COMPANION has put together some tips for excursions in the surrounds of our 25hours Hotels’ cities to give you ideas for moments of mindfulness in the cold season.

Destination: Museum

It seems to be a given that museum visits are best taken on rainy days. Yet when the sun shines and temperatures are warm, it’s worth taking a trip to the cultural landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia — perhaps even by bike. However you get there, here we present the ten most interesting art destinations for the summer.

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Little Tokyo

About one-fifth of all Japanese people in Germany live in and around Düsseldorf. No wonder, then, that this metropolitan region is also being shaped by Japanese culture.

Between the Strings

For Grandbrother, Lukas Vogel and Erol Sarp, the sound spectrum of the grand piano is not limited to its chords.

Blau Pause

For Companion Theresia Enzenberger has created a very different kind of map, which highlights unusual Bauhaus locations to be discovered in cities that are home to our 25hours Hotels

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Hans-Joachim Flebbe has created a business out of his love for film. COMPANION sat down with the visionary entrepreneur to talk premium movie theaters, smelly nachos, and receiving praise from Hollywood.

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Spaces of Transition

People in hotels are a peculiar species — and have inspired artists to soaring flights of creativity, as our columnist Rainer Moritz recounts

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