ekn footwear

Walking clean in a dirty world.

In recent decades, the sneaker market was flooded with poorly made, synthetic shoes. These products are not only bad for the environment, but are often produced under degrading working conditions and for a pittance. Good reasons to oppose an alternative to this trend. We want to take responsibility in future. And are doing so today.

Our experienced Portuguese tanners and shoemaker manufacture our products from purely ecological materials under fair conditions for the benefit of our employees, the environment and our customers. Therefore, we also produce in small quantities. This enables us to guarantee every buyer maximum quality and minimum environmental footprint.


The collaboration with 25h is only logical, because they are pioneering in the hotel industry to combine style and sustainability. And this is exacttly what we do at ekn footwear.

Noel Klein-Reesink, ekn footwear GmbH

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