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25hours hotels is a fresh and dynamic hotel brand, which builds upon the shoulders of traditional hotel business and searches for new answers to the demands of an urban, cosmopolitan, culturally interested and brand aware audience. We develop individual, made to measure hotels with personality in lively locations. Our concepts are based on dynamics, responsibility, service and design, but have individual focal points for each development.  We fully devote ourselves to creating unique destinations with soul, which are inspired by their locations and shaped by art, culture and stories of their surroundings. Our commitment and caring for details is time-consuming and thus we are growing unhurried but steadily in metropolitan destinations with a vibrant sentiment.


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development contact

25hours Hotel Company
Singapurstrasse 1
20457 Hamburg

Contact: Florian Kollenz
Position: Chief Development Officer

Tel: +49-40 22 616 24 30

facts & figures

25hours hotels develops and operates individual, made to measure hotels with personality in lively locations. All hotel concepts are based on dynamics, responsibility, service and design, but have individual focal points for each development.



  • metropolitan destinations with a lifestyle-oriented positioning and a strong hotel market


hotel size

  • 100 to 250 guest rooms
  • 20 to 24 sqm standard guest room size
  • 45 to 50 sqm total gross floor area per room
  • 4,500 to 12,500 sqm gross floor area (excluding parking and outside areas)
  • minimum footprint of 500 sqm


building features

  • minimum clear ceiling height of 2.5 m for guest rooms and 4 m for the lobby area
  • no strict requirements for parking spaces; one space per five guest rooms desirable


development types

  • conversions (e.g. office buildings, schools, student housing)
  • greenfield developments
  • brownfield projects
  • rebranding of trading hotels


location features

  • lively micro-location characterized by appealing gastronomic facilities
  • high visibility, preferably stand-alone buildings or corner locations
  • proximity of demand generators (touristic sights, offices, conference facilities)
  • vicinity to public transportation
  • very good accessibility by car


contract types

  • fixed lease contracts
  • variable lease contracts
  • management agreements

current projects

25hours Hotel are constantly developing new and exciting hotels in our favorite destinations. The most recent projects of the development team can be found in this overview. For questions and offers please contact the appropriate person.

25hours Hotel Das Tour, Dusseldorf

A French–German affair.


The address of 25hours Hotel Düsseldorf will be Louis-Pasteur-Platz 1, which forms part of the ongoing city construction project Le Quartier Central. New accommodation and homes spread over approximately 36 hectares are being built on the premises of the former freight station between S-Bahn stations Wehrhahn and Derendorf. Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of the 25hours Hotel Company, is enthusiastic about the location: ‘We have had positive experiences with regenerated city districts, for example the HafenCity in Hamburg or Zurich West. It may take a little time and patience at first until the neighbourhood accepts us, but this also gives us the opportunity to be involved with the evolution of something new. This fits in nicely with our adventurous character.’


Swedish design team Stylt Trampoli has been charged with the task of designing and developing an enchanting interior. The Gothenburg-based studio has diverse experience in the gastronomy and hotel industries and regularly causes a furore all over Scandinavia with its projects. As the area is called the ‘French quarter’, the 25hours Hotel should have a French and German soul. ‘We chose an international design team in order that this theme is approached from as neutral a point of view as possible,’ explained Henning Weiß, Chief Development Officer, ‘the Swedes should vent their prejudices fully about Düsseldorf, Germany and France’. Work is currently being undertaken on the issue of finding a compromise between German functionality and French finesse. The working title for this is ‘Das Tour’.

25hours Hotel The Circle, Cologne

Kölle, du stehs och bei uns op dem Zeddel!


The Gerling quarter is to become a new home for 25hours. The Areal, which used to be the company headquarters of Gerling, lies right at the heart of the Friesenviertel district and is currently being transformed into diverse accommodation and homes. The 25hours team finds working on a pre-existing building particularly exciting. ‘Existing structures compel us to be especially creative. You can’t just copy and repeat older designs’, said Henning Weiß, who is in charge of development. The 25hours Hotel will move into the striking circular building ‘Im Klapperhof 10’. A particular highlight will be the approximately 500 square-metre reception. A vibrant communal area with a lounge, shop, bicycle dealership and a DJ corner will be located in the old counter area, which is under preservation order and is where insurance customers once paid in their premiums. Henning Weiß has also floated the idea of having a kind of farm shop that sells regional products: ‘It will depend on our partners and the overall hotel theme as to whether we can actually put that into practice.’


Talks are currently being held about the design and story of the new hotel. 25hours is on the lookout for creative and local partners from all sorts of fields who could contribute to the design or interior in some way. The hotel will have international charisma but should also have deep local roots and connections. In addition to the approximately 200 bedrooms, the 25hours Hotel Cologne will also boast function rooms, a spa area and gastronomy. The restaurant and bar will be found on the eighth floor and will offer views of the Cologne Cathedral. The penthouse will be built on top of the existing building and have a terrace around its perimeter. A guaranteed new hotspot – right in the heart of the Gerling quarter.


25hours Hotel Terminus Nord, Paris

Et voilà – Paris.


The historic building, Terminus Nord, directly opposite the Gare du Nord in the 10th Arr., will be home to the new 25hours Hotel Paris by 2018. Architect Axel Schoenert and his team will take great care to ensure that the building retains its traditional charm and fits in well with the style of the 10th Parisian arrondissement. ‘We are reluctant to make any changes to a building of such great structure,’ enthuses 25hours CEO, Christoph Hoffmann.


‘For the implementation, we are once again placing our trust in Armin Fischer, Andrea Kraft and their team from the Augsburg-based design company DREIMETA,’ explains Chief Product Officer, Henning Weiss. ‘Furthermore, for the first time we also have a partner that will deal exclusively with the topic of art: VISTO Images.’ Approximately 240 rooms will each tell their own story of Paris and the colourful neighbourhood surrounding the Gare du Nord. The diverse range of cultures will be represented throughout all areas of the hotel, and will mirror the character of the immediate surroundings. You can look forward to visiting both an African gentlemen’s club and a regal French restaurant.


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