A social and ecological initiative.


Treedom enables guests to support environmental and social projects from afar. As a nod to the story of Dante’s Divine Comedy – which is reflected in the design of the 25hours Hotel Piazza San Paolino – the hotel’s tree projects are symbolically laid out in the fittingly named forest: La nostra foresta dell’Eden. Each tree is photographed and its geographic location charted. Interested parties can follow developments in the online tree diary, which also contains the latest news about the tree and the project.

The environmental impact is immense. Every tree that grows stores carbon dioxide and helps to preserve biodiversity. Trees also curb desertification and counteract soil erosion, especially in dry areas.

Treedom has a social as well as an environmental impact. Small farmers and agricultural cooperatives receive direct funding. Treedom promotes training, creating fresh career prospects with alternative income opportunities.

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